Thursday, October 27, 2011

Invincible Days

One of my blog rules was that I would not write about "what I did today." Invincible days; however, are the exception.

What is an invincible day?

It is a day in which you feel invincible. It is a day when you say to yourself like the incredible Siobhan (who is a cooler Canadian than the Bieb will ever be), "I just love me." It's a day that if somebody told you, "With God, all things are possible" you might just reply, "Duh." It's a day when you are allowed to use run-on sentences and the generic "you" when you are actually talking about yourself.

These invincible days often have a foreshadowing. My foreshadowing took place last night on my way home from dance practice. It involved taking Emily and my sister by surprise by engaging in conversation with a nice, latino man (probably in his forties) who was in a convertible at a red light. We discovered that he was having a fantastic night, his birthday was on saturday, and he loved to dance. It then ended with me shouting "God bless!" out the window after the left-turn arrow turned green and we continued home.

Yes, friendly latinos in convertibles are good omens.

Now for the actual day. It begins at 6:45am, when for the first time in at least a week you pour the perfect ratio of hazelnut creamer to coffee, enjoy said coffee while eating chocolate marbled banana bread, and hold conversation with God with short interruptions to admire the sunrise. In case you missed that, there was chocolate marbled in the banana bread. Chocolate. For breakfast. I needed to stress that.

On an invincible day, you decide not to work out before your college classes, but instead spend the time talking with your mommy on a variety of topics.

You know it's an invincible day when you are wearing the jeans whose zipper has  been recently busted by an anonymous borrower, a t-shirt, and a hat and you feel like the hottest thing since Marilyn Monroe. Sometimes, you actually forget for an entire 3 minutes that you have metal brackets superglued to your teeth.

It's when you are able to successfully work in the fact that you are ranked 11th in the world for Irish dancing as you ask your history professor the question that has been on your curious mind for a while. And then, the same professor enthusiastically answers your question, asks about your world travel, and you leave the class feeling like his favorite student. Then, in the 15 minutes between your history and public speaking classes you receive two texts from two of your dearest friends. One tells you that she wrote about you in a paper. The second is a text just to tell you that your friend loves you. You then enter your class and excitedly discuss Starbucks and social media with Morgan, Andrew, and Angel. Your public speaking class lets out a half an hour early.

You then get to drive Elbow road (the only road I've driven in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach that I can even begin to call pretty) with the windows cracked and listening to Jon Foreman and his fellow bandmates at a volume level slightly above what would be wise for a driver.

You arrive at work and discover that only the easiest jobs are left to do... which include only two toilets that happen to be the least used and therefore cleanest in the entire building.

On an invincible day, you will find that you can't stop smiling. You wave and nod to strangers. You realize that a boyfriend is entirely overrated. You don't worry about the fact that your next college application is due on Tuesday. You plug your laptop in BEFORE it dies and deletes all of your work. You feel like yelling, "I am Sparticus!" You dream about becoming president of the United States. You get carried away while writing a blog post. You don't really care whether or not people find the post entertaining or not... why? Because you are invincible.

And then... you go downstairs to discover your mom has bought honey-wheat bagels... your favorite... and you dash upstairs to add to your recent blog post and excitedly type... nom nom nom.


  1. Sephanie Wasko, you are going to do Great things someday! President of the UNited States? Not a problem for you!
    -The Girl who put you in her paper :)

  2. Ahw. I love you. At least I know I'd get one vote. ;)

  3. I LOVE this post, and I love you!

  4. Great post Steph! I could totally hear your voice and was cracking up the entire time. Definitely entertained =)